A New Leader in Digital Art

Rooted in Legacy, Born from Technology.

Arsnl Art is the exclusive digital platform for the Artists Rights Society (ARS) and features over 120,000 member artists from across the world, including the estates of Picasso, Warhol, Kahlo, Pollock, Dalí, Magritte and others. Along with his peers; Matthew from Heroic is co-founder of this studio and uses Heroic's resources to help in its promotions.

As a creative studio, Arsnl's original focus is on creating and selling high-quality digital art. Its initial projects involved Frank Stella, Siebren Versteeg, Anna Lucia and the Quilters of Gee's Bend, Ash Thorp and Deborah Kass.

Frank Stella, often heralded as the "world's greatest living artist", had its Geometries show surpass a million in sales, and broke new grounds by offering collectors the rights to remix and 3D print sculptures of their digital artworks.

With generative artist Siebren Versteeg in For a Limited Time, named by Outland and Feral File as one of the best projects of 2023, produced a new artwork every 10 to 15 minutes using trending internet stories as source material. Each artwork only exists temporarily but can be claimed by collectors to be preserved on the blockchain.

Generations by Anna Lucia and the Quilters of Gee's Bend took a "phygital" turn, where the 200-year-old Alabama quilting community and Dutch generative artist created digital quilts algorithmically that could then be turned into physical quilts.

Famed web3 artist and Batmobile designer, Ash Thorp, introduced his Nascent series with the concept of Happiness Pills: a digital drug designed to release physical dopamine.

Lastly, the upcoming project with iconic pop artist Deborah Kass promises collectors unique digital triptychs in a slot machine format.

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