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Analyzing the intersections between traditional and digital approaches to art creation.

Curated by Mieke Marple, an artist, and former co-owner of Night Gallery, "Interreality" serves as a conduit between the traditional and digital art realms by showcasing a range of works spanning the physical-to-digital spectrum. The exhibition, produced by Steven Sacks, the founder and director of Bitforms Gallery, and Aubrie Wienholt, the founder of PR for Artists, has been on display since October 14. Interreality represents a continuation and expansion of the collaborative efforts of Bitforms Gallery and PR for Artists over 28 years, highlighting artists engaged with new technologies while maintaining a keen sensitivity to physical space and embodied experience.

Featuring works by 36 artists, the exhibition includes renowned digital artists like the groundbreaking artificial intelligence artist Refik Anadol and established traditional artists, such as Mark Flood, known for paintings that respond to internet culture and are part of the MOMA Fort Worth collection.

Interreality goes beyond artistic boundaries, encompassing the creations of artists with heavily analog practices, like Cindy Phenix, as well as those primarily digital, like Alida Sun. This inclusive approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of the entire physical and digital spectrum within the artistic landscape.

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